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Gear Check with James MacGregor

Gear Check with James MacGregor

In this episode, James MacGregor from The Vision House talks through the impact of social distancing restrictions on the camera rental market. Commercial rental turnover is a good indicator of the amount of in-progress advertising productions, with most medium to large sets requiring specialist camera and grip support to operate.

The Vision House is one of the oldest players in camera rental market and in this two part interview, James reflects on the personal and professional impacts of COVID-19, ways of working under the new restrictions, and his outlook for the future of commercial production in a post-COVD world.


00:00:23 - Intro

00:03:32 - Immediate impact

00:07:09 - An opportunity for local growth

00:08:21 - Survival plan

00:10:12 - Part 2

00:11:52 - Technical solutions to socially distanced productions

00:15:51 - How far away from normal are we?

00:23:09 - Will production lead times get tighter?

00:25:36 - Are production teams going to stay small?

00:28:22 - Conclusions