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Crew Call with Caroline Logan

Crew Call with Caroline Logan

In this episode, Brendan and Mark call in Caroline Logan from Freelancers Promotions to get an update on crew bookings under COVID-19. Freelancers is one of Australia's largest film and tv crew booking services, managing the bookings of everyone from DPs, gaffers, sound recordists, and set designers to makeup professionals.

Caroline takes us through the impact of COVID-19 on production levels in Victoria, the new onset guidelines and practices for socially distanced productions, and what Freelancers are doing to support crew members during this difficult period.


00:00:26 -Introduction
00:03:17 - Who is Freelancers Promotions?
00:06:46 - Immediate impact of COVID-19
00:12:19 - How has your role changed?
00:14:42 - What is actually possible from a production point of view
00:20:45 - Educating crew on what to expect on set
00:23:45 - Advice to crew members
00:25:40 - Will smaller crews become the new norm?
00:27:23 - Outro