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Behaviour Change with Nigel Dawson

Behaviour Change with Nigel Dawson

So we're a bit late out of the 2021 gate, but what worth waiting for isn't worth waiting just a little longer...In this episode we look at how commercials convince us to be better (and safer) humans with Creative Director Nigel Dawson.  

Nigel has spent some 40 years in advertising and worked on the Transport Accident Commission account for more than 16 years, producing over 150 behaviour change campaigns to help lower Australia's yearly road toll.  Nigel walks us through the tactics common to the behaviour change genre, how sound and vision work to deliver visceral impact, and how the genre has changed over the last 20 years.

Nigel is currently co-founder and Creative Director at Three Wise Men and continues to specialise in behaviour change work, creating campaigns for VicHealth, Childwise, Worksafe and Quit.

Commercials mentioned in this episode:

Quit for LIfe Sponge Ad (1979)
Worksafe Bakery (2008)
Sticky Blood (2021)