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Anatomy of a COVID-19 Shoot

Anatomy of a COVID-19 Shoot

In today's episode Brendan and I talk to DP Marcus Cropp, Director Jesse Richards from Cummins and Partners and live streaming expert Aaron Maguire from Live Streaming Events to get three perspectives of the same socially distanced shoot.

On set safety is gaining a number of new pointy angles at present as productions  interpret and react to changed social distancing recommendations and new ways of working. To help ruminate on this a bit further, we've decided to devote the next few episodes to what it means to have a 'safe set' during the COVID-19 crisis.

In this episode our trio touch on remote shooting realities, casting hacks for getting up close and personal on screen, PPE precautions, and how to manage client/agency feedback over live-stream.

Marcus Cropp is a DP/Cinematographer based in Melbourne. Jesse Richards is a Content Director with Cummins and Partners. Aaron Maquire runs Live Streaming Events.

As always, if you enjoy this episode, tell a friend or colleague about us, and let us know what you'd like to hear in the future.